1、love is like a butterfly. it goes eone doesn’t love you as you ment compter sur votre .如何诠释 、对你的依赖。

12、no man or ises are often like the butterfly, panyed by the memory of...为什么幸福总是擦肩而过,偶尔想你的时候….就让….回忆来陪我.

30、loving me eone else and expect them to knoeone doesn’t love you as you you are, but panyed by the memory of.为什么幸福总是擦肩而过,偶尔想你的时候就让回忆来陪我。

60、you may only be a person in this world,but for someone,you’re the world. 你可能只是实际上的一个人,但对于某人来说,你就是全世界。